5 shopping mistakes to avoid for your hair

Keep Your Hair Healthy This Winter: Avoid These Five Shopping Mistakes!

Do you ever wonder what will happen to your hair this winter? After all, the polar cold of the past year gave them no respite. So what is the miracle solution to get through this freezing season without having completely dry and traumatized hair?

You must first rely on a suitable routine, and above all on effective products to face the cold. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy by avoiding buying the wrong products this winter!

Mistake #1: Not understanding your hair type

No need to search for THE perfect product if you don't know what your hair type is or what affects it. Take the time to make a small diagnosis:

  1. Do I know the characteristics of my curls well?
  2. Do I know what makes them dry or damaged in the winter
  3. Do I know why I bought or want to buy such a product?

By asking yourself questions before impulsively buying hair products, you will often find that many of the formulas are not at all the solution you need. And if it is, some previous purchases contribute downright to perpetuate your hair problems!

Mistake #2: Buying products that you don't need or that you already have

A common mistake is to buy a ton of products without really understanding their characteristics: this is how some end up with five styling products, six different oils and… no hair moisturizer.

In winter, the hair needs more hydration and protection. So direct your shopping efforts towards products that will increase their suppleness and strengthen them (moisturizers, hair butters, nutrient-rich masks) and choose hairstyles adapted to the season, which will know how to keep them protected. Take an inventory of what you already have before spending unnecessarily. And before buying a full range, consider testing the products by purchasing sample or travel sizes, such as our discovery kit .

Mistake #3: Not adapting your routine to winter

Winter affects your hair like the rest of your body: it too needs to be protected from the cold, fed a little more and above all pampered through these long months. It is therefore essential to adapt your routine and the products used. Avoid hairstyles that require a ton of gel: opt instead for creamy creams or hair milks adapted to the porosity of your hair.

And even if you decide to protect your hair from the elements with extensions, remember that it is important to give them a minimum of attention! Sprays , like our Moisturizing Hair Spray , are great for moisturizing hair when braiding.

Mistake #4: Not reading the ingredient list

It's all about the formula! Some people have allergies and are very careful about what they eat. It's a bit the same thing for the hair: they are sometimes intolerant to ingredients, especially during the winter. For example, curly, frizzy hair that is very sensitive to sulfates (harsh, drying cleansers) will feel it even more when the air is dry and cold.

So be sure to read the ingredient list to make sure your hair won't react negatively to the composition of what you want to buy. This also brings us back to the first point: know your hair well! In winter, prefer formulas loaded with moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients (aloe, glycerin, castor oils, shea or cocoa butter) to promote hair that remains hydrated and supple. Our moisturizing shampoo has a gentle formula particularly suitable for washing hair in winter.

Mistake #5: Not knowing how to maximize your hair products

Did you know that it only takes half an hour to transform your conditioner into an ultra-hydrating mask? Try it with our Intense Hydration Conditioner ! Many people don't read the instructions and don't realize the real potential of their product, whether in terms of recommended usage or even the amount to use to extend the duration of consumption.

When you buy formulas rich and concentrated in natural active ingredients, ideal for winter, do not hesitate to transform them into real care. You could even ask the manufacturing company for suggestions, depending on your hair needs!

Tell us, what is your perfect combination of Royalty products for this winter?

Schamma Rosidor

Schamma Rosidor

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July 10, 2020

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