7 hairstyle ideas for the holidays

The holidays are coming and you still have no idea how to style your hair for these occasions. Don't worry, we have selected 7 pretty and simple hairstyle ideas for you to make yourself on short and long hair for a festive, neat and classy look!

To look with the hair tied up….

Number 1: Curly High Cabbage

Image source: Olivia Rose

The curly high puff is a simple hairstyle made and accessorized for both chic and festive occasion from the holidays. With a leave-in moisturizer and gel-cream, get defined curls that you style in a high cabbage.

Number 2: Roll and tuck updo

A hairstyle that is easy to make and follows the principle of rolling the hair on itself and fixing it with a hairpin. This hairstyle only takes a few minutes and the possibilities are endless.

Number 3: Low Cabbage

The low buns or low cabbage is a simple hairstyle to achieve with a donut for a pretty and chic look.

Number 4: Bantu knots

Image source: @naturalhairstylestz

Follow the trends and opt for a fashion look for the holidays with the bantu knots.

Numbers 5: Chic Updo

If you are looking for a chic and classy look, this hairstyle is perfect for you!

To look loose hair….

Number 6: Bohemian Style Updo

For a simpler and at the same time chic look, this hairstyle is ideal!

Number 7: Side Swept Curly Fro

image source: happycurlhappygirl

This hairstyle is done in two steps. Make either a braid out or a twist out, then using bobby pins, you will arrange the hair on one side only.

In addition, watch our tutorial on 3 simple hairstyle ideas for the holidays.

Do you feel inspired?

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Elzabad Mausse

Elzabad Mausse

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