How to choose your products according to your hair type

Not sure what your hair type is and which products are suitable? Here are some ways to find it.

Texture Types

afro kinky hair

Frizzy hair has tight curls. Generally drier, they need to be well hydrated to maintain their flexibility and prevent breakage problems.

  • O loops:Work in small sections to better define your curls using a moisturizing gel.
  • S-buckles:Avoid curling gels on loose hair. Opt for hairstyles like “twist-outs” instead.
  • Z-loops:keep hair stretched as much as possible to reduce time and breakage when detangling.

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    curly afro hair

    Curly hair has looser, more voluminous curls. They are susceptible to frizz. Keep them hydrated and styled with lightweight products to avoid weighing them down.

    • O-rings: use the "pineapple" method (hair tied up) to maintain your hairstyle and give more volume to your curls.
    • S-buckles: use the "pineapple" method (hair tied up) to maintain your hairstyle and give more volume to your curls.

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    Hair porosity

    Porosity is the ability of hair to absorb and retain water and substances. It is important to know to select the right moisturizing and treating products.

    Low porosity frizzy hair

    The hair has difficulty absorbing hydration and the products remain on the surface of the hair.

    • Advice:use lightweight creams, like our leave-in moisturizer, and work the products in by smoothing your hair through your fingers.

    Frizzy hair with high porosity

    The hair absorbs moisture very quickly and dries out very quickly.

    Sometimes the hair has suffered damage from chemicals or heat tools.

    • Tip : Use fattier creams and butters like our Whipped Shea Butter to help retain moisture in your hair.
    • Advice:use protein-containing products like our protein hair mask to strengthen hair.

    Normal porosity

    Hair absorbs and retains moisture well.

    • Tip : Maximize moisture retention by combining moisturizer and sealer on the day of your shampoo. You won't have to moisturize frequently afterwards.

    Long lasting afro locs and hairstyles

    • Tip : Avoid creamy moisturizers. Keep the scalp clean. Use a spray like our Hydrating Hair Spray to hydrate hair.

    Children's frizzy hair

    The hair is fine, silky and often tangled.

    • Tip : do not make braids too tight to avoid sensitive scalps

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