Care, the key to growth.

Moisturizing shampoo (DIGO)
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22 Avis

Specially designed for frizzy and curly hair, this luxurious moisturizing shampoo gently cleanse...

Leave-in moisturizer (ANANI)
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27 Avis

Hydrate your hair like never before! Enriched with Apricot Kernel Oil, Aloe Vera Extract and Cast...

Intense Hydration Conditioner (BANA)
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30 Avis

The ideal partner for your shampoo! Formerly called BANA, this intense hydration conditioner giv...

Protein hair mask (MABI)
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28 Avis

Formerly called MABI, our protein hair mask is specially formulated to correct the most common w...

Moisturizing Cream Butter (GUADA)
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21 Avis

Give your natural curls some love with our Moisturizing Curl Butter Cream. Its water-based formul...

Protein Cream Butter (KE)
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24 Avis

Formerly called KÉ, this protein cream butter provides very dry hair with the quantity and quali...

Moisturizing Hair Spray (NI)
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56 Avis

Formerly called NI, our hydrating hair spray is a simple solution for those looking to hydrate t...

Curl definition gel-cream (SHINGU)
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24 Avis

Formerly called SHINGU, our curl defining gel-cream is lightweight and non-greasy. It moisturize...

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